NeuroLab is a free EEG analysis software. It can open and convert between the high-performance EE5, EDF, and Micromed's VWR. NeuroLab is free and open source.

If you use this software, please cite the application's paper in your works: this will ensure future development.

Micromed's VRW

Micromed's VWR is a proprietary binary file format for EEG recordings. It can store also other types of time-dependent data series (e.g., ECG).

The libvwr library is a documented and open source software library written in ISO C capable of handling Micromed's VWR, a binary proprietary file format for EEGs.

This library is the result of reverse engineering Micromed's binaries along with their SystemViewer98 executable for Microsoft Windows.


NeuroLab is free and open source.

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